About Us

Founded in 2018, Viet Trung has been successfully producing our own brand, Viet Trung metal furniture, for more than 5 years. First factory is about 500 square meters  company has gone from strength to strength now employing over 50 skilled employees. Having recently new area 3.000 square meters and facilities with investment made in new finishing department inside factory. The main reason we invest finishing department with the goal to solve and support lots of issues to customers esp color issues, give customer competitive prices, improve production lead time-saving time moving back and forward between metal mill shop and finishing factory once there is any problem happened. The main thing is all process will be operated within in one factory and this is our BIG advantages versus to other suppliers. We have already been working with a number of well-known brands on furniture collections and bespoke hospitality. Our experienced team has over 18 years combined experience in wooden and metal fields, Viet Trung is confident in manufacturing mid-high end metal products such as steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum with a competitive price to customers.


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